Summer Evenings

I almost had a heart attack today.  (Not really — don’t worry, Mom!)  Here’s the deal.  We spent the entire afternoon at a water park, and the kids had a blast.  But, when I got home and checked my e-mail, it said “Hope you had a great first day of school!”  Oops.  We have never, ever missed the first day of school before.  Part of the reason is because our charter is going through lots of changes and communication has been lacking.  And, it really doesn’t make a huge difference if we start late.  I mean, we homeschool… so it’s ok, right?  Still.  It felt weird.  We’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had much time to prep. I just put away last year’s work yesterday!

All that to say, I need to get on the ball!  In the meantime, we are going to continue to enjoy our summer evenings in the garden and with the chickens.  (That’s school, right?)  We are also going to continue enjoying our pool since it was 104 degrees out today!  Ah, the joys of homeschooling!

se 1

se 2

se 3

se 4

se 5

se 6

se 7

se 8

se 9

se 10


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