25 Years

I know, I know… I was getting tired of seeing the rainbow, too.  It’s never a question of what to blog about, but rather give me energy to blog!  We are in a busy season!

Anyway, our church just celebrated its 25th anniversary.  We feel so incredibly blessed to say Water of Life is our home church.  I seriously think God brought me to this city way back in 1997 just to bless me with my church!  To celebrate, there was a huge church service at a nearby outdoor pavilion complete with food trucks and a Jeremy Camp concert.  It was so much fun!

jc 1

jc 2

jc 3

jc 4

jc 5

jc 6

jc 7

jc 8

jc 9

jc 10

jc 11

jc 12

These two played and danced and danced and played.  It was so fun to watch!  (I am also so glad I brought the ball!)

jc 13

jc 14

jc 15


I tried to get a video of the little ones dancing, but no luck!  Maybe I’ll try again when my techie hubby gets home!


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