Garden Update

My guess is you would much rather see a Thailand Update than a garden update, right?  ME, TOO!  My poor husband has been working hard at getting the pictures sorted, and hopefully I will have something for you, soon.  In the meantime, here is our garden update:

For once I think I have a bit of good news as far as our 2015 garden is concerned. Let’s start with our mystery plant.  Several weeks back, our large planter box began to sprout a new plant.  Immediately from the leaves we determined it was in the squash family.  Once Daniel saw it, he thought it must be our cucumber plant from last year.  Of course!  I agreed wholeheartedly.  I even thought it strange when the cucumbers were coming out round.  Hmmm… It was not until yesterday, when I noticed 3 more round “cucumbers” that I investigated further.  Why, we have ourselves some cantaloupes!  But, how did that happen?  Daniel suggested it must be from the compost.  I agree… for now!  🙂  I love cantaloupe and can’t wait to try one that’s home grown.


Then there’s our tomatoes.  The bumper crop has finally hit.  They are delicious!  Several of the yellow ones have split, which I thought was odd.  Then I read about why and discovered if you have a huge rain storm after a dry spell, the insides begin to grow faster than the outsides and cause splits.  That is exactly what happened to us in July.  At first I was disturbed and gave several dozen to the chickens.  Now that I know the cause, I just eat them all the same.  We’ve had our share of horn worms as well, but the chickens are happy about that.  I am SO happy to have tomatoes!


Our one watermelon may need to be picked and eaten any day now… how do I know if my watermelon is ready?  Stay tuned!


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