Nothing Much…


  • I love sibling cuddles… they’re the best!  Even if my boy didn’t want me to take a picture, he sure was happy to cuddle with his sister!
  • My #3 is sick… again… or still?  Her tummy is bothering her big time, and she has a high fever.  This happened last week for about 3 days, then went away.  Right now she is asleep in my room, so I get a slumber party tonight!  Poor thing…
  • It’s August.  I won’t even ask how that happened.  I love back to school shopping at Target, and highly recommend getting some items for Operation Christmas Child now while the school supplies are cheap.  In another few weeks they’ll be bringing out Halloween, and then you can find cheap summer toys and things for the boxes, as well.  We started that last year, and it was so nice to have that done before the Holiday Season crept up!  (And, for a good price!)
  • We just signed up to go to Mexico for their mission trip, again.  Yay!
  • My garden is so funky.  I caught 5 ginormous hornworms today, and despite requests from my children I did not photograph them for you.  You’re welcome.  On the bright side, I picked 3 berry baskets full of tomatoes.  A garden update post is probably due soon…
  • I could rattle on and on here, but I should probably get some work done.  Just had to check in with the blog!

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