Finding Our Groove

Today marks our third day home together as a family, and I must say this; it has gone so much smoother than I had anticipated!  I worried about culture shock, jet-lag, fatigue, squabbles, and more.  Overall, I am amazed at the adjustment!  Of course, my husband has been napping, completely exhausted…

fog 1

…which means he has energy to talk my ear off at night!  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love hearing every detail.

fog 2

The first night, Allison requested our typical Friday night dinner; grilled pizza.  I was AMAZED that she stayed up for it!  (She went to bed right after at 6pm.)  Thankfully, our garden had enough tomatoes for her.

fog 3

The next morning request was pancakes.  Hooray for all 4 kids at the breakfast table!

fog 4

Daniel was sweet enough to get the tire fixed his first morning back.  On his way home, he stopped at Panera and couldn’t resist this treat for Allison.  Apparently, she sleep-walked many nights while in Thailand, and one night lost a flip flop in the mud!  You’ll have to ask her about the other stories.  They are really quite surreal.

fog 6

Malachi is so thrilled to have his Papa home.  Nobody can hold you quite like Papa!

fog 7

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