They’re Back… and a BIG Surprise!

First things first… my babies are home!  SAFE and SOUND!  Oh, what a precious feeling… words don’t do it justice!

Now, do you want to see what they came home to?  Just a warning now:  lots of pictures to come, and lots of color!

For weeks before Allison left for Thailand, visions of re-doing an under-utilized room for her flooded my head.  I had lots of ideas, and lots of questions.  It sounded like a fun idea, but as the time got closer I felt it would be too overwhelming.  The day they left, I spoke with a friend who gave me the encouragement I needed to go for it.  Not only that, but it was a room without a closet and the day they left Malachi asked me to go to Ikea — seriously!  Where else would I possibly find a decent priced closet?  Ok, it was settled.  I would totally remodel a room in 2 weeks and surprise Daniel and Allison upon their return!

bigs 1

My sweet friend was here many days (and nights) helping out… (and playing ping pong while the kids watched a movie, but that’s another story!)  I’m so grateful for her!

bigs 2

I was also blessed by these two cuties who spent a morning with me.  Amazingly talented!

bigs 3

bigs 4

bigs 5 bigs 6 bigs 7

bigs 8

Even once the triangles were mostly finished, and all the walls went from brown to gray, there was much work to be done… furniture placement, building the closet, building the bed, hanging the curtains, arranging the bookshelves, buying/ re-purposing accessories…  Yet, it was such a blessing to be so busy.  It really helped give me a peace while they were gone.  And, I slept hard at night when I wasn’t dreaming of painting triangles.

bigs 9

bigs 10

bigs 11

I bought the world clock at Ikea for my little world traveller, and painted the “Go into all the world” on the wall.  Allison has also been typing letters to her friends on the typewriter, so I thought her room would be the perfect new home for it!

bigs 12

In this corner… the old butterfly chair was a Goodwill find from way before I was married.  I spray painted the base green, and painted the fruits of the spirit on with blue.  I also had the old wooden wall hook from my mom, and painted each of the knobs a different color of one of the triangles on the wall.  The light is from Urban Outfitters, and the curtains were just $6 for the pair at Ikea in the as-is section.  Score!

bigs 13

bigs 14

The bed… I LOVE the bed!  I ordered it from the Novogratz collection at Walmart.   The pillow shams, mattress, and “I love you” pillow are also from Walmart.  The green sheet is from Ikea, and the pom-pom comforter from Urban Outfitters.

bigs 15

bigs 16

The couch is a pull-out sofa and I was originally thinking of getting rid of it.  I am so glad it stayed, though… it gives the room a fun, dorm-style feel and is a great home to more colorful pillows.

bigs 17

I painted a simple chalkboard circle on the closet, andI think it adds a lot.

bigs 18

bigs 19

We could hardly wait for the reveal.  It was as fun as we imagined!  Both Daniel and Allison were shocked and love it!  Allison has been asleep in that cozy bed since 6pm.  I am surprised she lasted that long.. that is 8am Thailand time!  Can’t wait to give her another hug in the morning.

bigs 20 bigs 21

bigs 22

bigs 23

Once the surprise was over, Malachi took Papa to his room for a little football!

bigs 24

Finally, we headed downstairs to be rewarded with some fun souvenirs  We love our Karen purses, Allison!  And, the fun necklaces!  Malachi thinks his train puzzle is pretty awesome, too.

bigs 25 bigs 26

There you have it!  I was able to have a long cuddle and talk with Allison before she drifted off into dream land.  When did my little girl grow-up?  I’m looking forward to lots more talks and cuddles and pictures and videos tomorrow.  What a blessing to have my family back home!  Hope you enjoyed the room tour… I think I am as exhausted as the travelers.  🙂

3 responses to “They’re Back… and a BIG Surprise!

  1. I love waking up to your posts! I thought the scripture written on the bathroom wall was amazing, then bedroom wall blew me away! You are doing a great job pouring love into those sweet kids! Can’t wait to see you guys in Feb.!!!

    • Hey Margie! Thanks so much for the sweet message. It was definitely a labor of love! (And I’m glad it’s DONE!) Yes, I think I am already counting down until February; ha! If you guys decide to come to CA before then, we have room for you!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Cara!
    My name is Emily and I work as an interior designer for Bob and Cortney Novogratz. We absolutely LOVE this room! Seriously. awesome! Bob personally just posted your photo on their Facebook page. Please message us (on Facebook or email me) your mailing address.

    Good work!

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