Flat Tire

It was meant to be a discouragement; I’m sure of that.  But God blessed us in the midst, and it was more of an adventure!

You see, last Sunday after church we drove to Costco.  We weren’t going to get lunch, but the kids were a bit hungry, so they all had hot dogs and smoothies; that was the first blessing!  As we drove home, I seriously asked myself, “What if we get a flat tire?”  And sure enough, just a mile later there was a chug, chug, chug.  My tire had an ENORMOUS nail in it!  I won’t go into the entire long story, but it took almost 2 hours for us to get home.  (Remember the hot dogs?  The kids weren’t even hungry; perfect!)  While we waited for AAA, however, we walked to Daniel’s aunts house, which was just down the block.  The kids played and laughed and had a great time. Plus, they were in the cool a/c of the house, and our groceries went into the fridge/ freezer.  Perfect, huh?   Then, we were unable to get the tire off so we had to be towed.  For my son, that was like winning the lottery… he got to ride in the cab of a flatbed tow truck!




I definitely don’t always have the best attitude with these kinds of things, but this time around I did.  I mean, it is humorous… We run out of gas a few days before the mission trip, and we have a flat tire a few days before they come home!  Another blessing?  We got home at the exact time we told our friends to come over, so the timing was perfect.

Just thought I’d share  our little blessed adventure!

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