Garden Surprises

I mentioned yesterday how I haven’t been able to sleep past 5:30am since half of my family is missing.  What I didn’t mention was how much I love early mornings; it has actually been a gift!  This is the view as I walk out to let the chickens out:


A real gardener will definitely laugh at this next picture, but I was so excited to actually find a few edibles in my garden the other morning.  I mean, I truly had given up on the garden producing anything this year!


Surprise!  We have about a dozen red bell peppers starting.  Again, I thought the pepper plant was dead.


And, my favorite surprise of all… we actually have a few watermelons growing!!!  Will they keep growing?  Will they be edible?  We shall see!


The next surprise wasn’t exactly in the garden, but in the chicken coop: one of our “babies” laid its first egg!  Can you guess which one?

The final surprise was really quite disturbing.  I was out picking the little green cabbage loopers off the peppers when I noticed enormous little pellets.  Surely, a horn worm had been there.  Then I saw it!  The first hornworm of the season.  Yuck, yuck, yuck:


I then showed the kids and offered them a quarter to find another.  They found two more!


I’m hoping for no more of the last surprise, but I am doubtful!

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