Rain and Fairies

Apparently, the most rain Southern California has ever experienced in July was 0.28 inches… a record set back in 1886.  The last two days, that record was shattered, and I was thrilled!  Not only is rain a welcome relief from the drought, but I have had the windows open and the house smells amazing.  It is refreshing in so many ways.  I went to bed last night, (windows still open), hearing pitter patter until I fell asleep… it just never stopped!  Before that, I did dishes with a candle glowing and the rain pouring.  Everything about it was wonderful.  I moved all my plants from the porch out to get a good soaking.  I even turned off the sprinkler system!  Glorious.

Since Daniel and Allison have been gone, I’ve been waking up consistently at 5:30am.  I can not sleep later!  I think it’s because I fall into bed exhausted each night.  This was my view out my office window this morning:

fr 1

Refreshing, isn’t it?  Just a few minutes later, my girls ran downstairs to let me know they each got a letter from a fairy.  They told me all about it.  The night before, they had written letters to their fairies that they had made homes for in the rain, and the fairies actually wrote back!  So, first thing this morning they were outside making improvements to their fairy homes.  Precious.

fr 2

fr 3

fr 4

fr 5

I LOVE rain… (and fairies, and sweet little girls!)

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