One Year



Exactly one year ago today, my super sleeper came downstairs in the middle of the night.  Shocked, but too tired to put him back, I pulled him into bed with us.  The next night the same thing happened… at exactly midnight.  And then the next… Hmmm… The third night, I mustered up whatever energy I had and opened the door to take him back upstairs to his room.  That’s when I heard it.  His alarm was blaring!  One of his friends must have accidentally turned on his alarm three days prior.  Poor guy… at least the mystery was solved!

Unfortunately, that alarm meant the end of his naps, and the end of him going to bed easily.  He was petrified, despite the fact that I showed him the alarm was off.  And so, I sat there until he fell asleep, (which wasn’t too long since he stopped napping!)  Night after night.  But then at midnight, he would still come down, almost half asleep.  It was a little ridiculous.  Even if I brought him back up, a few hours later he would come.

In an effort for both of us to get more sleep, I decided to put a sleeping bag next to my bed.  Every night I put him down in his bed, and every night he came down to ours and crawled into his sleeping bag at night.

February arrived and we went on our cruise.  To make things easier, we let him sleep in our room with my parents.  Well, that began a new habit of not wanting to go down in his own bed.  Sigh…

Now it’s been one year.  With Allison gone, we decided to try him in her bed with his sisters.  For four nights he has gone down easily and slept through the night… and I have my room back!  We may just have to kick Allison out when she comes back.


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