And They’re Off…

On nights when my husband is working, (on average 3 nights a week), my nightly routine is as follows: tuck in the kids, escape downstairs while listening to the girls giggle and have a little sister talk, grab the phone, and carry it with me wherever I go in anticipation of my husband calling.  When  the phone rings, I get super excited to hear, “Hello, Gorgeous.”  (Don’t be jealous; he only calls me that because I make him.  But I still love it.  🙂 )

Tonight I tucked the kids in, and walked out of their room with a little lump in my throat.  For two weeks, I will have no phone calls from my husband and no goodnight kisses from my oldest daughter who are now on their way to Thailand.  I am so thrilled they are going, and praying for them  and their team in so many ways.  And, I am ever so appreciative of my husbands’ usual calls tonight as I long to tell him about my day; how the kids noticed a huge moth on the door that gave us all a little scare.  How the kids played play dough for almost 3 hours!  How the chickens gave us 6 eggs… finally!  (They’ve not laid very many, lately)  And, of course, how much I am loving this weather; 76 degrees in July?  Yes, we talk about everything and nothing.  It’s a special gift, and one that I didn’t anticipate when my husband first made the career change to becoming a firefighter.

Last night, my girls made Thailand flags and cupcakes to surprise Allison and Daniel with for dessert.

tha 1 tha 2

We also decided to have Pad Thai for dinner.  (Apparently American Thai food is very different than actual Thai food, so I don’t know if they will even have this when they get to Thailand!)

tha 3

They loved their surprise cupcakes…

tha 4

tha 5

This morning it was time to say goodbye.  I can hardly look at this picture right now without tearing up.  I am so unbelievably proud of them for doing this… for living out the Great Commission and answering God’s call to serve the nations.  It is a small sacrifice, but a huge blessing.

tha 6

tha 7

tha 8

All morning my girl kept telling me to stop crying.  (Oh, baby girl… you’ll understand some day!)

tha 9

tha 10

As I type this, they are on a plane.  It feels surreal.  When the kids were young, we set a goal; the kids would all go on a  mission trip at age 10 instead of having a birthday party.  Somehow, we thought it would never come.  Certainly, our girl can’t be 10 already!  But it’s here.  It’s real.  And it is good.  Please keep them in your prayers; for health and safety, of course, but also to be used by God in a mighty way and to know Him more deeply!  I can’t wait to give you an update!


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