Best Friend Pillows

Yesterday, the kids actually slept in until 7:45am after our Fourth of July celebration.  (Let this go down on record as the latest the Yeh children have ever slept!)  Since my husband was at work and I didn’t feel like rushing to get ready for church, I decided we could stay home and do church as a family.  When I suggested that to the big girls, they asked if they could do their own sister Bible study while I watched church online.  It was a deal.

When they came back downstairs, they had a surprise for me… they had done their Bible study AND cleaned their room.  That’s not what melted my heart, though.  It was Allison’s words.  “Mom… you really missed out by not having a sister. Sister Bible studies are the best.”  She went on to tell me about it while my heart sweltered.

All that to say, I am so happy my girls have each other for best friends.  But, I am also happy they have discovered other wonderful friends who truly are their best friends.  Though we see each other at least once a week for a swim or something, they still write several letters and put them in the mail.  It’s precious.  And, they’ve recently decided to make them Best Friend Pillows.

ep 1

Each girl drew their own picture, and then traced it onto the white fabric for embroidering.  The big girls traced with a pencil, while I traced Sierra’s for her with a sharpie and dotted it to help her know where to stitch.  (Isn’t her girl adorable?)

ep 2

ep 3

ep 5

The embroidery is done.  The fabric is picked out for the pillows.  Now I just have to help them use the sewing machine and stuff!  This was a super fun project.  It will be lots of fun to watch them give their friends the pillows.


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