Fourth of July 2015

Would you believe that for all our celebrating of even the simplest of holidays, we’ve never really done much for July 4th?  Swimming, yes.  Barbecues, yes.  Crafting, friends, and decorations… yes, yes, and yes.  But, fireworks?  No.  So many reasons.  For one, our third born is terrified of loud noises.  For another, Daniel usually works this holiday.  And, our kids simply don’t like to stay up too late.  Oh — and we live in a neighborhood where they are illegal, so we’d have to go to someone else’s house in a mother town, too.

But, this year we did it; we finally had an old-fashioned, barbecue on the street, firework and sparkler Fourth of July evening.  I am so grateful to our friends who invited us over!  Warning: lots of pictures ahead!

4j 1

Our annual kid picture.  (You can see more here and here and here.)

4j 2 4j 3 4j 4

4j 5

Cookie decorating:


4j 6 4j 7

4j 8

4j 9

4j 10 4j 11

4j 12 4j 13

Our Pinterest craft:  paper plate weaving.  The girls loved it!  Though, they didn’t finish it… surprise, surprise!

4j 14 4j 15

Off to our friends for dinner and firework fun!

4j 16

4j 17

4j 18

4j 19

4j 20

4j 21

4j 22

4j 23

4j 24

4j 25

4j 26

4j 27

4j 28

4j 29

4j 30

Happy Birthday, America!


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