Sometimes when people hear my son has 3 big sisters, they comment, “Poor boy… all those girls!”

Inside I laugh.  “Poor boy??  Are you kidding me?”

My boy is blessed in so many ways.  His 3 big sisters adore him.  The only thing I worry about is him being too spoiled!  And though he can’t share in his sister’s clothes, (which are not in the best shape by the time they make it to Sierra if they even make it that far), we do have several friends that bless him with clothes.  (The boy has 18 pairs of 3T jeans, and I haven’t even bought him any!)  He also gets some pretty cool boy toys.  Our neighbors across the street didn’t know of any other boys and gave him an entire wooden Thomas the train set with about 50 cars and tons of track.  Another friend gave him a car bed that he thinks is pretty cool — even if he has stopped sleeping on it.  Yet another friend with 2 boys gave him a fun wooden tool table, and today she brought him even more fun stuff!  (Hooray for summer cleaning and organizing!)

hmd 1

hmd 2

This Rescue Hero set kept him going for over 3 hours — despite the fact that dinner was on the table when he got them.  I finally said, “Buddy, you need to eat so you can go to bed.  It’s dark!”  “Oookaaaay,” he relented.  I’m so blessed, and I hope to do the same with my things as the kids grow out of them.  It is so freeing to share and part with old treasures, (though I know it can be hard!)  I am blessed to be a recipient this time, and for that I am grateful!


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