It all started last week when I had to go to the mall to get a watch battery.  They said it would take 15 minutes, so Allison suggested we go to Ghirardelli for our free sample.  I had totally forgotten about that place; kids don’t forget free chocolate.  Anyway, they had a sale on all the Valentine bags, and I can’t resist a chocolate sale.

Next, we were at Target when lo and behold, I found cinnamon graham crackers!  Honestly, I don’t think they’ve carried cinnamon grahams for a few years.  That settled it.  We went on a hunt for marshmallows.   S’mores it was!

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It really is the simple little things that make the best memories.

Pinterest Planter

I think I found my most favorite Pinterest idea to date.  What makes it my favorite?  It was cheap.  It was easy.  And, it is just what I was looking for!  See if you can guess what this planter was in its former life:

pip 1 pip 2

Give up?

It was a Craigslist filing cabinet.  The original Pinterest pinner even recommended Craigslist for finding the filing cabinet.  You can find the original pin here.  I am still debating whether I like it with the pavers underneath it or not… what do you think?

Sweet Sleep


With the light of summer comes lighter sleepers… at least in our house!  The kids stay up late, yet still wake-up with the first sign of dawn.  So we’re a bit sleep-deprived, yet loving the fun of summer… already!

When Daniel went to check on the girls the other night, this is how he found Natalie.  Too sweet!  Thanks for the picture, Honey!

Sleeping children are precious!