Breakfast rarely makes an appearance on the blog here anymore because I think I have blogged most of my favorite recipes.  Over the last few years, when it came to waffles I always made my banana oatmeal waffles. (And we do love these!)  But, when it came to the light and fluffy waffles, they came from my husband.  He even goes so far as to whip the egg whites, first.  This intimidated me, so that I never ventured to do “regular waffles” myself… until now!

waf 1 waf 2

Fresh apricots from our tree, along with blueberries and strawberries always make things more fun.  Natalie did a peace sign waffle, and Daniel made the Thailand flag!

waf 3

My dear friend, (knowing our affinity for breakfast), recently got me a circus animal waffle maker!

waf 4

Anyway, I have found a recipe, (and altered it slightly), for waffles that turn out light, fluffy, and even somewhat healthy!  Here it is:


Mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet in another.  Combine.  Enjoy!

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