Summer Snapshots

snap 1

Beautiful Sunsets. 
snap 3

Going out at dusk to carry each of the 6 chicks into the coop so that a bobcat doesn’t get them.  Then lingering in the garden, (which is a whole other subject for another post… and it’s not good news!)

snap 4

Salsa making.  Often.

snap 5

Lemonade making.  I’m always thankful in the summer that we took the time to squeeze all our lemons in the winter and to freeze the juice.  Mmmm….

snap 2

Drying off after an early morning swim.  Here’s a close-up:

snap 6

These are some of the more “fun” snapshots as of recently.  I do have some fun project snapshots to share soon, but lots more unfun organizational snapshots are taking place.  (Ok, so I am happy to be getting organized.  But, it’s not pretty yet!)  Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for sumer?

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