Father’s Day 2015

I’m a little surprised at myself… waiting 4 days to post about Father’s Day, for no real reason except I’m “out of the zone.”  I love blogging.  I don’t know that I’ll ever give it up.  But, I have never needed a summer of rest like this summer.  I hope to post more soon, but for now here is some Father’s Day!

fatd 1

I was fresh out of the shower and needing to get ready for church, but witnessing my oldest read to my youngest while my husband played worship music just made my heart swelter.  I had to grab my camera and capture the moment!

fatd 2

Has there ever been a cuter selfie?  My men melt my heart.

fatd 3

After church, Daniel and Allison had to stay for a few hours for their Thailand fundraiser.  But, Allison had this idea to make a Father’s Day game.  So, she left the rules with Natalie, who carried out the making of the game.  I was seriously impressed!  So much so, that I would love to market it.

fatd 4 fatd 5

We had a blast swimming with dear friends, and then we played the Father’s Day game.  It is definitely going to be a new tradition.

fatd 6 fatd 7 fatd 8

Homemade cards… a few snacks… some new flip flops… and a picture with the kiddos.

fatd 9

Happy Father’s Day to my awesome husband, who also happens to be an awesome dad!

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