First Lost Tooth

There is something so exciting and special about a first lost tooth.  You can check out Allison’s first lost tooth here.  And here‘s Natalie’s first lost tooth.  Drumroll, please…

1slt 1

Tada!  Little Seesers lost her first tooth, as well.  She designed her tooth fairy pillow all by herself… from deciding on shapes to picking out the fabric.  Now all 3 girls have a different tooth fairy pillow.

1slt 2

You may notice this pose in quite a few pictures these days.  It’s Buddy’s new “thing.”  At first I didn’t want him to photo bomb every picture, but then I realized this is just the stage he’s at and how fun it is to capture it!  Still, here is a picture of just Seesers and her pillow:

1slt 3

I loved her sleeping position when the Tooth fairy came to deliver some goodies.  Cozy wozy.

1slt 4

So, it only took me a week to blog little Sierra’s lost tooth.  I was trying to think why it’s been so tough to blog, lately… it is summer, right?  Summer break?!?!  Perhaps it should be called summer change, instead.  Sure we have a break from school and scheduled activities, (and I am loving it!)  But, we have had so many other things going on like reading a book and writing our last paper for School of Ministry, potty training, (which is totally done and successful!), friends over to swim, (always), birthday parties galore, renting out our other house, preparing Allison and Daniel for Thailand, facilitating a weekly sumer Bible study, and… well, things never do slow down as much as I’d like.  I really am enjoying summer break, though, and I pray you are too!


2 responses to “First Lost Tooth

    • Thanks so much, Clarita! How fun to get a comment from someone whose blog I’ve been reading and loving for years. God even put your family on my heart to pray for many times during your sister’s loss. I feel the same way about your family and blog. 🙂 Thanks again for taking the time to stop in!

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