Garden Update

Even my husband pointed it out the other day… he said, “Did you notice how we did nothing to the fruit trees this year, and they turned out great while we worked so hard on the vegetable garden and everything is going wrong?”

Yes, Honey.  Yes.  I definitely noticed that.  So… here is a little update.  (There is some positive; I think!)

gau 1

Our peppers have flowers.  Hooray!  The leaves don’t look great, so I am worried that the leaf hoppers have been feasting on our peppers, too.  They have certainly almost destroyed our tomatoes and peas.  But for now, I am hopeful about the peppers.

gau 2

Our watermelon plant is huge.  And, it has some flowers starting!  Some flowers are withering, though… what does it all mean???

gau 3

We picked our first zucchini and I made these breakfast cookies.  I think by now we should have so many more zucchinis, but… the leaf hoppers have definitely had an effect here.  This is the plant that I actually see them hopping all over, and it is so huge it is difficult to spray all the leaves top and bottom.

gau 4

LOTS of yummy apricots; my favorite summer fruit.  And, the birds have stayed away.  Good news!!

gau 5

Finally, we have had a few ants; not many that I know about.  I heard you mix 1 part Borax with 3 parts powdered sugar, and they carry it back to their nest and it wipes them out.  We’ll see!  I put these down a few days ago, and I haven’t seen any ants.

Anybody have any good tips for getting rid of leaf hoppers?  I am hesitant to tear down my tomatoes and start over before I can get rid of them, because I am afraid they will just come back.

Also, since my last update I spent several hours removing our bark mulch from the garden.  Apparently it is bad for the soil, and never good for vegetable gardens.  Who knew?

More updates to come…

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