Allison Turns 10

It’s true…. my first born has hit double-digits!  It feels like not so long ago we were riding our scooters over to the tea house for her 5th birthday.  While our special tradition for the 5th birthday is a special mommy tea party, the special tradition for the tenth birthday is a mission trip with mom or dad.  I can hardly believe in less than a month, my baby will be on a plane to Thailand with her daddy for two weeks.  Anyway, since the mission trip replaces the birthday party, it was very strange for me not to plan a party this year.  Here is all the fun we had, despite not having an official party:

a10 1

This year’s under-the-bed-present was both wrapped and purchased by her sister.  Special times!

a10 2

Waffle breakfast per Allison’s request.  Note the grumpy naked girl… she had a serious case of the birthday jealousies.

a10 3 a10 4

After breakfast was church, and then a special trip to the cupcakery for birthday cupcakes.  The girls’ favorite show right now is Cupcake Wars, so we just had to visit our local cupcake place, which is a two-time Cupcake War winning place.  (We even met the ladies who won the show a few years back… check it out here.)

a10 5

Then, of course, we had to watch the episode that won the cupcakes we were eating… naturally!

a10 6


a10 7 a10 8 a10 9

For dinner Allison requested barbecued ribs, mashed potatoes with bacon, sour cream and chives, and steamed broccoli with butter.  For dessert, Grandma made us a special boysenberry pie with fresh boysenberries from her house.  What a treat!

a10 10

Her last request of the day:  ping pong.  We recently moved our table from our garage, (where it was hardly used, to the side yard, (where it is used all the time, but is more prone to weather damage.)  I think it was a great move.  We are having a blast with it.  Allison is tons of fun to play with, and often comes down with the giggles!

a10 11

The day after Allison’s birthday, we had our annual beach trip.  Allison brought her 2 best friends, and they played and played in the water.  I almost cried when I realized I had forgotten my camera!  That night we started another new tradition, which is going out to dinner with just mom and dad for your 10th birthday.  Since Allison is our steak lover, we went to Flemings.

a10 12

a10 13

a10 14

Allison even shared her box of truffles which she received from Flemings as a birthday gift.  Ooh, they were yummy!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I am so blessed to be your mama!

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