It all started last week when I had to go to the mall to get a watch battery.  They said it would take 15 minutes, so Allison suggested we go to Ghirardelli for our free sample.  I had totally forgotten about that place; kids don’t forget free chocolate.  Anyway, they had a sale on all the Valentine bags, and I can’t resist a chocolate sale.

Next, we were at Target when lo and behold, I found cinnamon graham crackers!  Honestly, I don’t think they’ve carried cinnamon grahams for a few years.  That settled it.  We went on a hunt for marshmallows.   S’mores it was!

1sm 1 1sm 2.5

1sm 2 1sm 3 1sm 4

1sm 6

1sm 7

It really is the simple little things that make the best memories.


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