Potty Training (or I give up!)

My girls have (wisely) forbidden me to use the “h” word.  Therefore, I declare I strongly dislike potty training.  At 2 1/2, I thought I would give potty training a go with my son since my girls were that age when they potty trained.  After a miserable day, I decided I would wait until he was 3.  Certainly it would be easier then.  Well, 3 came along and we were smack dab in the middle of a super busy year.  Not to mention, he had no interest whatsoever in using the potty.  3 1/2 didn’t seem so bad, plus school would be over… I decided to wait until then.  Occasionally, I would have him sit on the potty, but he strongly disliked it, so I didn’t force him.

Two days ago, my son turned 3 1/2.  Exactly.  Yesterday we finished school.  We got home late from a friend’s house.  My boy woke-up exhausted and I had no desire to start; but I did.  In total, he spent about 4 hours on the potty today, (including during an entire movie).  4 hours!  Seriously!  Twice he peed in his pants within 10 minutes of getting off the potty.  Twice I took him outside to go on the grass like his buddy does when he comes over.  Both times, he went in his pants a few minutes after putting them back on.  We had zero success today – not a drop in the potty!  So… do I go to church tomorrow or do I stay home and have another go at it?  The laundry is going now, so at least I will have clean shorts and underwear for him if we decide to stay home.


On the bright side, watching his sisters fight over who gets to read him books was pretty sweet.


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