There is something so special about visiting with family… even if you don’t really know them!  Last week we had the honor of spending a few days with my cousins, who happen to be much younger than me, and who I have only met a few times in my life.  The last time I saw them, they were about the ages of my girls… Now they are young adults, and spending the summer hiking the PCT.  Lucky for us, they made a stop and it was a wonderful couple of days.  My kids were counting down and could hardly wait to meet them.  While they were here, they blessed us with lots of game playing, park playing, walks to the horses, ice cream eating, and piggy back rides.  I debated kidnapping them all summer, but decided I better take them back to their trail with the promise that it won’t be another decade before we see them again.

cuz 1

cuz 2

cuz 3

Caught eating leftover salad… I suppose there could be worse things. 🙂

cuz 4

Let me interpret for you; Allison’s face says, “Mom, please stop talking and let us play our game!”  Fair enough.

cuz 5

This girl was so happy to meet the girls that mom says are where she gets her curls from.  She was especially fond of Marie, since she is also the youngest sister of three girls!

cuz 7

cuz 8

cuz 9

I wish I had taken more pictures!!!

We are so blessed!  Happy hiking, cousins!


2 responses to “Cousins

  1. Aw, Cara. This makes me a little weepy. You are so right. Family, family, family 🙂 Something very special about cousins!

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