To Jam…

Remember the question?  Well, I had an answer… not to jam.  So, we decided to use peaches for everything; snacks, ice cream, and of course breakfast!


Then last night I was walking outside to turn on the grill for dinner and noticed we still had quite a few peaches… and they were falling to the ground!  My heart sank a little.  There is no way we could have eaten that many ripe peaches, and they were so ripe it would have been hard to give them away without them getting icky.  Immediately I began to pick them, totally forgetting the grill was on and dinner was soon.  I walked into the kitchen with a basketful only to hear, “I’m hungry.”  Gulp.  Dinner?!?!?  I let them snack o peaches while I quickly made dinner.  After dinner, we got right to work.

jp 1

I was shocked to open my cupboards and find a brand new pack of canning lids along with “new” (expired) boxes of pectin and my old jars from when I made apricot jam.  I’m not going to lie… the thought of making jam still scares me to death.  But, having done it once before, I was slightly more confident.

jp 2

The kids helped, though they should have been showering and heading to bed!  Some things are worth staying up for.  🙂

jp 3 jp 4 jp 5 jp 6 jp 7

And… success!  It turned out wonderful, despite the expired pectin.  I even printed off some labels I found on Pinterest.  I am SO glad I decided to jam; even when I really didn’t have time.

jp 8

I think I am finally more confident to do this again… we will see!


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