Garden Update

I often wish I was just a “natural green thumb,” but really there is much to learn when starting a garden.  Unfortunately, we have learned lots through mistakes.  First, the good news… we had our first salad from the garden!  (By “we,” I mean Malachi and I.  That boy LOVES lettuce and wouldn’t stop eating mine until I gave him half my salad.)




1)  For some unknown reason our gerber a daisies died right away.

2)  We originally put down black cloth to deter weeds, but it turns out that kept the soil too hot and trapped moisture which invited fungus.  Oops.  So, we threw away the black cloth and replaced it with mulch.

3)  I made a homemade fungus spray from an online recipe.  It actually did help the fungus on the leaves, but turned all our marigolds black.  Bummer.

Good news:  I noticed we had an infestation of green lacewings on our fruit trees.  But, the trees have looked better than before.  Turns out, these little bugs eat the aphids and are wonderful to have in your garden.  People even purchase them like ladybugs to help the garden.  Hooray!

Lots more to learn… I’m excited about this process!


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