Mother’s Day 2015

I’m not sure where to begin, other than to say I am truly so thankful for my family.  Being a mom is certainly a gift, and my heart aches on this special day for those who can’t have kids or those who have lost kids.  I can see how a holiday meant to honor moms can be so wonderful, yet so painful to so many.

For weeks now, I have walked past this sign hung next to the desk of my second born:


Therefore, finding this next to my breakfast plate was not a surprise, but it sure was wonderful:


It’s truly these precious homemade cards and gifts that melt my heart.  I treasure them.


Breakfast was a wonderful quiche, fruit salad, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, along with coffee and real cream.


To be honest, I would have cringed if I saw this quiche when I was a kid.  However, my kids loved it so much I had to fight them for the last piece.  Seriously!  My pickiest eater even begged me for 2 bites of my piece.  I think we are adding quiche to our list of breakfast favorites!  (Excellent job, Mr. Yeh!)


Our day included church, some fun picture-taking with my kids, a family walk to the horse stables, and I even got to play Boggle with Allison while waiting for dinner!  Absolutely lovely.  (Pictures with the kids to come!)


Dinner: filet mignon, bacon-wrapped asparagus, fresh bread, and homemade peach ice cream and strawberries over angel food cake for dessert.  Amazing.


I am so thankful God has allowed me to walk this journey of being mom.  I am thankful for His mercies and grace that are new every morning!  I am thankful for Allison , Natalie, Sierra, and Malachi!!


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