Mother’s Day Present

Having kids can definitely be helpful, but also a little tricky when it comes to finding a Mother’s Day present for my own mom.  It is tempting to let them do all the work… draw, sew, or pose for pictures for Grandma.  But, I also want my mom to feel my love and appreciation on Mother’s Day.  So, this year I came up with something that combines it all.  The kids made muffin mixes for Grandma, along with adorable tags they painted with watercolors.  I typed a list of all the different types of muffins one could make using these mixes, and included a special card from me.  We sent it off in a cute little box, and I am hoping it arrived by now or else my mom’s surprise is ruined.  (Surprise, Mom!)  I am hoping and praying mom knows how loved she is, and that she has fun making these yummy healthy muffins!

mdp 1

mdp 2

mdp 3

mdp 4

mdp 5

mdp 6

Really, there is no present adequate to say thank you to a mom.  Happy muffin making, Mom!  I love you!


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