To Jam or Not to Jam

See this sweet girl of mine?  As sweet as she is, she does not like fruit.  Strawberries; bleh!  Bananas; no way!  Apples; on occasion.  This year she decided she would try a peach.  Praise the Lord, she has been eating them ever since!  I believe she had 6 just today.  That brings me to my question…

jel 1

jel 2

 We have such a lovely crop this year, that it would be totally doable to make a few batches of jam.  However, the kids just enjoy eating them while swimming, or playing, or just whenever they see them!  It’s especially great when they have friends over and I just send them to the tree for a snack.

jel 4

jel 3

jel 5

So, do I jam?


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