Winding Down

School is winding down for the year.  To tell the truth, we’ve already been winding down for the last month or so.  When people ask me, “How much longer until school ends for you?” I remember, “Oh, yeah… we’re still in school!”  All that to say, we are doing mostly the minimum right now, but when I spent the day at the dentist getting another crown, I left my husband with a science experiment on cloud formations for the kids:

wid 1

wid 2

wid 3

wid 4

wid 5

wid 6

wid 7

wid 8

wid 9

wid 10

Thankfully, I made it home just as they started so I was able to photograph the whole thing.  Sometimes I watch my husband and think he should be the one teaching while I go to work… he has a gift for asking questions!  It is always a nice break for me, too, to sit back and observe the kids learning through my camera lens.


2 responses to “Winding Down

  1. Hi Cara! I know what you mean, we’ve been winding down, too–I can’t wait for summer! I am wondering, what Math curriculum are you using? I am considering changes for at least one of the Cupcakes, doing research right now. Hope your last weeks go well! 🙂

    • Hey Friend! We’re doing Abekka, as the kids have really done well with it over the last few years. I love it, too. I think we may even finish the book this year — woohoo! Glad I’m not alone in the winding down… enjoy your last weeks, too!

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