All in a Day

This week has been pretty packed, and we’ve had some doozy days, but what occurred on Wednesday was probably the craziest of all.  I was in the kitchen chopping garlic, trying to prepare for dinner, when there was a loud banging at my door.  (Not a knock — more like, “Let me in!”)   I ran to see who it was, and it was my poor neighbor, absolutely terrified. She had seen a huge snake as she pulled into her driveway, and she is deathly afraid of snakes.  I went to take a look, and then offered to get her daughter out of the car — she was too scared to get her herself.

We went back inside to do a little research, and concluded it was a harmless gopher snake.  Still.  This thing was huge.  My husband was running an errand, but I told him to come home immediately… for the sake of my poor neighbor.

aid 1

By the time my husband got home, the snake decided to move and was sliding along our neighbor’s garage door.  After a few attempts to catch the snake with a garden tool, my husband finally gave up and grabbed it with his hockey-gloved hands.

aid 2

About five feet?  Crazy!

aid 3

aid 4

We put the snake in a bucket with a lid and drove it up the mountain and let it go…. just like we did the possum.  This was after I had convinced my husband we couldn’t keep the gopher snake, of course!

Believe it or not, that is not the end of our wildlife tale for the night… Later that night, (or rather early the next morning), the chickens were squawking away.  Thankfully, Daniel was up after tending to one of our kids, heard the squawking, and was out the back door immediately with a flashlight.  He shined the flashlight right at the bobcat, who looked right at him and then pounced on our poor sweet Audrey girl, (chicken).  Daniel screamed, and it took off… all while I slept.  This morning, there were chicken feathers everywhere, and our sweet Audrey is completely traumatized, but all the chickens made it out alive.  We are now locking up the coop at night.  Phew!  I guess we really are up here in the mountains!


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