Summer Project List

My summer project list is usually written in March.  By then, I am already itching to get started.  Technically, it is a spring/ summer list, but I just keep it simple by calling it a summer list.  That way, when I cross things off before school ends I feel like I’m ahead of the game!  (Don’t I wish that were the case!)  Anyway, I do have two projects crossed-off: one simple project, and one bigger project.  The simple project: hang our swim sign.  The kids and Daniel surprised me with this when i returned home from my trip up north.  I LOVE IT!

spro 1

The second (bigger) project was finishing our garden beds.  This morning my hubby was out before breakfast finishing up smoothing the gravel.  I took a bad picture, but here is the happy result:  (Notice the cute boy who still plays for hours in his sand box with his trucks daily!)

spro 2

Two projects down… many more to go!

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