Glitter Glam 2015

I’m only a week late, but with a tradition like this I have to still capture it!  The kids love their annual Glitter Glam night at Flipside church, where they have 3 hours of crafts, getting hair, nails, and make-up done, dinner, the Gospel message, and a walk on the runway.

glg 1

glg 2

glg 3

Sierra almost didn’t make it this year.  Two weeks prior, we were dealing with some obedience issues, and I was forced to take away Glitter Glam.  Crushed, her sisters insisted I find a way for her to go.  So, I made a chart with 25 squares titled, “Sierra Can Obey right away.”  She got all the boxes marked off, including a few extra I had to add, and the girls got to be “sisters”  I just loved the pose they chose — a group hug.

glg 4 glg 5 glg 6


And, my handsome men awaiting the runway show.  We walked out and Daniel commented, “That was way too much estrogen in one room!”

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