Tell Me You Do This…

Sometimes, (**ehem** often), I feel like I am doing a really poor job of teaching my kids things like responsibility and delayed gratification.  For example, most nights after dinner the kids have very little responsibility besides bringing their plates to the sink.  I think to myself, “After dinner I need them to clean their rooms,” or something to that effect.  Then dinner finishes and they begin happily playing together outside.  And, I am so happy they are playing nicely with each other that I completely forego asking them to clean.  Ugh.

What does that have to do with the following pictures?  Absolutely nothing.  As usual, I have lots of “crafting” pictures, and I am going to finish this post and then clean another crafting mess that I really should have had them clean.  (Of course, I do have them clean quite a bit, but sometimes it seems I just take the “easier” route of doing it myself, which seems to be happening far too often, lately.)

tm 1

Painting the birdhouses from the Easter Bunny.

tm 2

Making a “Zoo” with friends.

tm 3

Doing a life-size self-portrait.  If you’ve read this blog for a while, it may seem like we do these all the time… we really don’t!

tm 4


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