Perler Beads and Graph Paper

I keep a small basket in my closet filled with books, dollar store items, and other fun little things that my kids lovingly refer to as “the prize basket.”  They have various ways to earn a prize, and it’s nice to have on hand.  Half the things in there, I couldn’t even tell you where they came from anymore.  One such item was a tablet of graph paper that was overlooked over and over again.  Last time Natalie was looking through the basket, I suggested that perhaps she could use the graph paper to draw her own perler bead designs.  She was immediately sold.  This weekend she decided to draw out a pattern for a stuffed parrot she has named “Jabber.”  I was SO impressed… it’s a little weird when your eight-year-old does something that you don’t think you could have done yourself!  He’s not done yet, but check out Jabber:


And, as with all crafts there is always the possibility for this:  (Don’t look too closely at how dirty my floors are!)




Happy crafting!


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