DIG! (Day in the Garden)

The forecast said 90% chance of rain, yet we woke-up to blue skies without a single cloud.  Hmmm… Dare we?  We dared.  We dared to race against time to see if we couldn’t plant a garden before the storm rolled in.

dig 1

We had to make a few trips to Lowes for both soil, veggies, and flowers.

dig 2

dig 3

We have been (attempting to) compost for the last two years, and finally used our compost to fill the bottom of each of the garden beds.  I was shocked to see how much we had accumulated!  (I must have filled at least 15 buckets).  We know so little about gardening, but are having fun learning and trying.  I am sure I will some day look back on this post and laugh at our lack of knowledge and experience.  But, with what little research and knowledge we have, we mixed our compost with some peat moss, cow manure, and planting soil.  We also crushed several of our chicken’s egg shells as fine as we could, and poured them into our holes before planting the tomatoes for some extra calcium.

dig 4

dig 5

dig 6

Our peaches are getting ripe!  Woohoo!

dig 7

This boy worked so hard.  When he wasn’t helping garden, he was working with his construction trucks in his sand box.

dig 8

The baby chicks, (now in their ugly, awkward stage), had a blast tromping through the boxes after we added the compost, but before we added the soil.  I’m pretty sure they added some fertilizer of their own!

dig 9

Oh, how I hope we have boysenberries this year!

dig 10

dig 11

I asked the girls to design markers, thinking they would label all our veggies.  Instead, I have markers which name each of our marigolds.  Too precious!  Next we have to finish setting up the drip system, buy gravel for around the garden beds, then begin work on our patio table and benches.  Hooray for spring break, backyard projects, and a beautiful day outside!  FYI, the storm did come and the sprinkles began just as we headed inside to shower.

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