Easter Weekend: Sunday

We were hoping my parents could come for Easter… and then we invited my brother and sister-in-law, as well… but with my mom’s surgery, our Easter became a cozy immediate family day.

First of all, let me give an update: My mom’s surgery went very well, though her recovery will take some time.  She is in good spirits, and we are praying the cancer is gone!  We won’t know for another week or so when the lab results come back.  Thank you for your prayers, and please continue!

Though we missed having extended family with us, we certainly could not have asked for a better Easter.  It began with a wonderful celebration at our church, where hundreds accepted Jesus for the first time.  What a blessing to be part of it.  My  favorite worship song:

Of course, there were Easter baskets, an Easter egg hunt, and far too many jelly beans consumed.  (Why didn’t they have Starburst jellybeans when I was a kid?)


ew2 ew3 ew4


I thought this was funny… So, I gave the big girls 2 options.

option 1:  The little ones get a 30 second head start, and everyone collects as many eggs as they can.

option 2:  Everyone starts at the same time, but when they got to 12 eggs it was time to stop so that everyone has the same amount.

They chose option 1.  They got far fewer eggs than the littles.  Then they claimed it was unfair.  Then I explained to them that they had chosen for it to be unfair.  Ha!  (In the end, they were all smiles, though they did say they would choose option 2 next year!)






The best pets ever!


Sorting through the eggs:




Bunny chopsticks.  🙂  We had Japanese-style shabu shabu, (like fondue).  So simple.



We ended the day with a family walk to the horse stables.  I can’t believe another Easter is here and gone, already!

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