Easter Weekend: Saturday

There’s something so special about visiting old friends!  It’s funny how a move just an hour away feels like it might as well be out of state!  But, we were blessed to visit a dear friend who moved away to celebrate both her daughter’s birthday, as well as her husband’s first outreach event for the church he pastors.

ew 1

Walking up, we had no idea it was such a big event.  Egg hunts, tacos, face painting and tattoos, games, rock climbing, and lots more fun for the kiddos.

ew 2 ew 3

This was Natalie’s first try climbing.  She made it half way.  On her own initiative, she went back to try again and made it to the top.  Way to go, Natalie!!

ew 4 ew 5 ew 6 ew 7 ew 8 ew 9 ew 10

Sierra and the birthday girl:

ew 11 ew 12 ew 13

I love shoulder ride pictures.

ew 14


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