Christmas Cards

I realize that tomorrow is indeed Easter, but the title of this post is not a typo.  (Though, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get fun mail twice a year?  We should start sending Easter cards, too!)  Anyway, last year I decided to keep our Christmas cards in a basket and keep them out all year.  I know lots of people do clever things to preserve the cards longer such as taking a picture of the card on your phone so that you can see it whenever the person calls.  For me, (being a bit lazy), just leaving the cards out is my way of making them last longer.

The girls enjoyed looking at them so much throughout the year that I decided I had to make it a tradition and always keep the basket out.  At least once a week, I find a scene like this:

cca 1

cca 2

And, later I found this:  (Sierra drawing a picture of one of her special friends in her journal.)

cca 3

cca 4

This is a good reminder for me to send snail mail more often.  Oh, the joy!


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