Memory Master!

Or, as my husband calls her… “Memory Maestro.”

One of the things we liked about joining Classical Conversations was simply what the name states… a classical approach to learning.  Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.  Classical education encourages them in the development that they’re at, which is in memorizing and retaining much information during the younger years.  Does that make sense?

This year, Allison decided she wanted to be a memory master, meaning she could recite 100% of the year’s work by the end of the year.  Being our first year, I was torn between wanting to encourage her, yet not wanting her to get her hopes up.  Would it really even be possible?  Thankfully, my girl is smarter than I.  When it was time to let those in charge know if she was going for memory master, she told them all “yes.”  And then… she studied.  (Where did she learn that? Seriously?)  I tried to help out.  And… duh, duh, duh… she did it!

I tried to think of a fun way to honor her, so last night we had a little surprise fun dinner with an “m&m” theme.  Get it?  Memory Master!  🙂  There were plenty of m&m’s for everyone, but she did get her own special tube of mini m&m’s, along with $7; one dollar for every subject she mastered.  She was thrilled, but immediately shared a dollar with each sister.  Did I mention she is very sweet and generous?

mem 1 mem 2 mem 3

mem 4


We are so proud of all your hard work and effort this year, Allison!  And, thank you for your humble and generous spirit!


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