2014-2015 School Year

It has felt like a race.  And, although it is not officially over, I do feel I am in the home stretch of our 2014-2015 school year.  As of Monday, we are officially finished with our first year with the Classical Conversations program.  I don’t have enough words about how much we have loved it.  It has made my job of teaching multiple grade levels much simpler.  It has provided a family-like community.  It has motivated and encouraged my children’s love for learning.  It has instilled a great deal of knowledge into our entire family.  It has meant wonderful new friendships.  It really has been a perfect fit for our family.

Our last day was a lot of fun filled with treats, thank-you’s, students teaching, presentations, and a roller skating party.  Allison had written her final report on Pocohontas, and thus dressed like her for the presentation.

poc 1 poc 2 poc 3 poc 4

The roller skating party afterwards was a blast.  It was Sierra’s first time, and she had no trouble at all.  (Must have been the ice skating lessons!)  Malachi was still challenged, but he enjoyed a few rounds before playing with his buddies.  The best part was having the rink to ourselves and having them play all Christian music.  It was like corporate worship, exercise, and fun all in one.

This school year seemed like a “big” year, with non-stop “big” happenings.  Here is an overview of some of the “big” of our school year:

August:  Began our 5th school year with Sky Mountain, and our first with Classical Conversations.

September:  Went on our first family mission trip to Mexico.  Lost 2 chickens to a coyote.  Adopted a tiny nursing kitten.

October:  Travelled north where our entire family took part in my brother’s wedding.  My Grandma passed away at 99.

November:  Travelled back up north for my Grandma’s funeral.  Celebrated Sierra’s 5th birthday, (Farm birthday party), and Malachi’s 3rd birthday, (Construction birthday party).

December:  Celebrated Natalie’s 8th birthday, (Frozen birthday party).

January: Experienced multiple bouts of sickness, trips to the doctor, and antibiotics.  Celebrated our 11th anniversary.

February:  First time Daniel and I left the kids for more than a night.  Went on our first cruise.  Celebrated my 40th birthday.  Saw my grandparents in Florida.

March:  Got 6 new baby chicks.  Found out my mom has lung cancer.  (She has surgery tomorrow to remove the lower left lobe of her lung.  Please pray for her!)

Lots more “big” to come!  I fly up north to visit my mom next week.  My baby turns 10 in June. My husband and she will be traveling abroad for a mission trip.  Whew — glad next week is spring break!


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