Pinch Pots & Thankful Hearts

I pinned the idea long ago, but have not had a chance to try it… until now!

clp 1 clp 2 clp 3

clp 4

 We were so blessed with such wonderful tutors at our Classical Conversations group this year, so I wanted the girls to make them a special thank-you.  We started with basic salt dough and made a few basic shapes.  Baking them took quite a while; about 2 hours at 300 degrees.  Once they cooled, I had the kids pick three paint colors, and let them paint as they pleased.  Finally, I planted the succulents the kids had picked out from the Farmer’s Market.  We added a rice crispy treat and a card, and they were set.  It was a fun and fairly simple process; just a bit time-consuming.  I want to make and paint some for myself, now!  I pray my kids will always have a heart of gratitude for the wonderful people who have poured into them this year.


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