Top 10 Random Pictures of Life this week

I figured it was about time for another random post.  Life is feeling a bit overwhelming at the moment, so I need to sit back and reflect on God’s blessings.  Want to join me?


1.  Just one week away from Easter and we are just now pulling out our Easter decor.  Of course, the big girls immediately dove into a game of “chickers” while Sierra looked for her special stuffed animal to sleep with.  Malachi learned about Jesus riding the donkey on Palm Sunday today.  Other than that, we are waaaaay behind!


2.  While visiting Daniel’s parents, we were sent home with more kumquats than I know what to do with!  Daniel made some tea today, which the kids really liked. Me?  Not so much!


3.  Due to my husband’s busy work schedule at the moment, I haven’t found much of a chance to run, lately.  Today was my first day out in 10 days, and my buddy decided to join me.  While he snoozed away, I struggled in the spring heat but it felt so good to be out again!


4.  We have 2 out of 3 planter boxes built — hooray!  Next up we need to borrow a truck and fill them with dirt.  Can’t wait for the fun stuff — planning out the garden, planting, and harvesting!


5.  I found this little table on Craigslist a few weeks back, and still get excited every time I pass it.  It’s such a fun find!


6.  I will never, ever, ever grow tired of tea parties and art with my kids.  Never.


7.  Now that the warmer temperatures are here, I am hoping my monster jar will encourage me to drink more water and less coffee.  So far, cooler mornings and waking up early are still tempting me with that second and third cup!


8.  Our friends recently came over for lunch, and somehow we got on the discussion of grilling steak.  Apparently, we had been doing it wrong, so they sent us a link to their secret.  Daniel tried it, and oh-my-word!  It really is fabulous.


9.  We are nearing the end of CC, and getting tutor thank-you’s made.  It has been such a fabulous year, and we are SO grateful for our awesome new community.


10.  As final prep for our last day of CC, Allison is busy creating her Pocohontas costume for her final presentation.  Fun times.

I think 10 is about it for now.  My little man is sitting on my lap, and it is time to get him to bed.  I hope to have a garden update, soon!


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