A Day in OC

Signing all four kids up for ice skating lessons at the same time had seemed like a good idea at the time.  Then came the reality of a long drive right after lunch, waking-up sleepy kids to put on jackets and gloves and hats, then trying to squeeze eight feet into rental skates and get them all tied-up.  And then they would “skate… ” What was I thinking?  Honestly, after the first lesson I thought I was crazy.  Now that they are over, however, I am SO thankful we persevered.  All four kids can (somewhat) skate on their own!

Ironically, right after the kids’ lessons ended, my husband signed-up for a free 4 week ice hockey course in Orange County for firefighters and police.  Tuesday happened to be his last practice, so we drove down with him to watch him play, then we stayed for a little ice skating of our own!

doc 1

As soon as we walked in, he saw it… a mini zamboni ride!  Malachi was in heaven.

doc 2 doc 3

I was so impressed with my husband’s ice hockey skills.. he did awesome!  The kids went back and forth between the ice hockey practice rink and the figure skating rink while we waited.

doc 4

doc 5

Once it was our turn, Sierra wore her Minnie Mouse crocheted hat, and Malachi wore his Batman crocheted het — both gifts from our sweet housekeeper.

doc 6

Afterward, we went to a place I had been wanting to try for quite some time; Snow Monster!  Oh, yummy!  It did not disappoint.  (In fact, I am craving a jasmine milk tea as I write this!)  My husband always asks me, “So now do you want to live in Orange County?”  And my response is always, “My waistline couldn’t handle it!”

doc 7 doc 8 doc 9

Ice cream macaroon sandwiches.  Shaved snow.  Milk tea, strawberry lemonade, or Thai tea in a jar.  Yes, it is definitely a good thing that we don’t live too close!

doc 10 doc 11 doc 12

And, our final atop in OC was to Daniel’s parents’ house.  I’m so happy to have these pictures of the kids with their “Akong.”

doc 13

doc 14


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