The LA Zoo

A few weeks ago, a sweet friend of mine invited us to go to the zoo with her.  Sure.  The zoo is always fun, no matter how many times the kids have been!  And then it occurred to me…  I had never taken Malachi or Sierra to the zoo before!  The last time we were there was here.  (January 8, 2009:  My how our family has grown!)

zoo 1

zoo 2

zoo 3

zoo 4

zoo 5

Funny girl… I asked her to turn around and smile, but instead she flew up and ran off… ha!

zoo 6

These two are in the same Classical Conversations class.

zoo 7

zoo 8

Alligators!  Reminds me I still have to finish blogging about our cruise.  🙂

zoo 9

zoo 10

zoo 11

zoo 12

zoo 13

zoo 14

zoo 15

The hippos were a lot of fun to see.  At one point, the two big ones “brawled” a bit, so we got to hear a hippo and see its big mouth open.  The little baby was not quite 5 months old.

zoo 16

zoo 17

And, in case you were wondering what the back of hippos look like…

zoo 18 zoo 19 zoo 20

Happy first day of spring!


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