It started about October.  I had dropped the girls off at AWANA, and was passing by a Chipotle when my then 2-year-old son looked out the window and said, “tortillas.”  I was so impressed that he recognized the place we had eaten just once several months earlier that I exclaimed, “That’s right, buddy!  Do you want to eat there?”  He said yes, and we now have a standing mother-son Chipotle date every Sunday while the girls are at AWANA.  In fact, if ever we don’t go to get burritos and a blackberry Izze, he is quite disappointed.  (Part of me thinks the reason he doesn’t want to potty train is because he doesn’t want to go to AWANA and give up our dates, but that’s another story!)

Meal planning is very much a phase I go through and then get lazy about until I can’t handle it anymore.  This week was the pulling-out-my-hair-what-are-we-going-to-eat kind of week, so I now have a nice meal plan for the next week or so.  I decided to start with “homemade Chipotle-style burritos.”  I just took all the ingredients we normally put in our burritos; black beans, rice, mild salsa, roasted bell peppers, sour cream and lettuce, and made them at home.  (Malachi usually likes chicken, but I had some flank steak and used this recipe to grill it.)

chip 1 chip 2 chip 3

Natalie wanted to show you her “neat” burrito.  Cutie pie.

chip 4

chip 5

These were a huge hit, and a definite summer go-to meal!  I can hardly wait to plant our garden and have fresh tomatoes…  mmm….


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