Green Day

My son loves green.  It’s been his favorite color since forever.  Imagine his joy yesterday when he discovered it was “green day!”  The girls were actually pretty surprised to wake up to St. Patrick’s Day, as well.  I hadn’t reminded them the night before because…. well, I almost forgot myself!  Thankfully I had picked up the Lucky Charms about a month ago on a Target run!  For us, St. Patrick’s Day means… 1)  Lucky Charms, 2) Irish soda brea muffins, (which I enjoy, but my kids rarely eat. Why do I make them, again?)  3) Shamrock shakes at Mc Donald’s with friends, 4) green tattoos, and 5)  Watching the Veggie Tales about St. Patrick.  This year we added green shamrock jello.  It was a lovely day!

gd 1 gd 2 gd 3 gd 4 gd 5 gd 6


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