Tally and Poot

It’s been two years since we last had little chickies running around here… it’s so fun to welcome some new members to the Yeh farm!  We will be getting a total of 6 new chicks this spring, but brought home just 2 today.  They are Dark Brahmas and already have the little feathered feet, though they are just a day or two old.  Their markings actually look a lot like a chipmunk right now, Sierra pointed out.

chk 1

chk 2

chk 3

chk 4

chk 5

Poot next to two fake chicks from Sierra’s farm birthday.

chk 6

We weren’t sure where we’d be keeping the chicks at first.  They are quite messy and need to stay warm, but we needed them away from our most curious cat.  Daniel came up with the brilliant idea of keeping them in our shed.  Warm.  Safe.  Secure.  (Of course, they spent most of today traveling around in little hands!)

chk 7

chk 8

Welcome home, little ones!


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