Key West

Even while I was taking pictures on our trip I knew… it was going to take me a while to finish blogging about the entire trip!  But, here we are at our first port on the ship: Key West.

c2 1

c2 2

Last year, the girls and I read John Audubon’s biography.  It was a lot of fun; (especially for my bird lover, Natalie!)  I had completely forgotten much of his life took place in Key West, Florida until we came across his place.  Look at the upper right hand corner, girls — it’s Audubon’s house!  (Oh, how I wanted my girls there with me!)

c2 3

Roosters, roosters everywhere!  While in Key West we bought postcards and walked to the post office to send them to the kids.  We actually spent a good amount of time walking around.  It felt so good!

c2 4

I was super exited to try Cuban coffee…  any new coffee is fun for me.  It didn’t disappoint.  (I think it tasted especially good compared with the coffee on the ship that wasn’t too great.)

c2 5

c2 6

c2 7.5 c2 7

We wanted to check out a few things that were true “Key West.”  They had free maps everywhere, and it looked like Cuban coffee, rum, roosters, and anything key lime were truly Key West.  So, we found a key lime shop and got some key lime jelly beans for the kids, then visited the rum distillery briefly, but just to look around.

c2 8 c2 9

Every time I saw the ship I was in awe.

c2 10

c2 11

c2 13

 We returned to the ship just in time to go see a preview for the new Kendrick brothers movie.  After our long walk I was feeling a bit sweaty and windblown, but there was no time to stop by our room — with limited seating, we headed straight for the theater.  This movie; “The War Room.”  BEST Kendrick movie yet.  It was incredible.  Now add to the sweaty windblown face dripping mascara because I laughed and cried a million times… But once again, there was no time to stop at the room; it was autograph time!  I had to laugh… off to meet some of my favorite Christian artists!

c2 14

Meeting the Camerons…  I can finally say I met Kirk Cameron!  I was especially happy to meet his wife who seemed very sweet and genuine.

c2 15

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman… absolutely amazing people.

c2 16

Tenth Avenue North.  Theirs was my favorite concert.  They sing several of my favorite songs.

c2 17

That night, we had dinner and then our evening session.  As always, everything was amazing.  I wanted so badly to go to a concert that night, but I was beat… it had been a full day!

c2 18

A heart?  Swans?  All I know is I slept very well that night!


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