AWANA Grand Prix Night

There are a few things in the back of my brain that just scream “parenthood” to me.  One of them is watching my husband build a pinewood derby car with my son.  Of course, I always thought of this in the context of Boy Scouts… little did I know that AWANA has a pinewood derby of their own!  That means my girls get to join in on the fun, as well!

agp 1

agp 2

agp 3 agp 4 agp 5

agp 6

agp 7

agp 8 agp 9

 I’m so disappointed that I didn’t take more pictures.  (I was sure I had — I think turning 40 has affected my brain, already!) Anyway, the final cars were all a lot of fun.  Allison did a pizza.  Natalie did a pencil.  Malachi did red and black with Lightning McQueen stickers, (using random “Build and Grow” parts since he is not in AWANA yet).  Sierra did her own thing; purple, blue, pink, and glitter.  They all were very unique and fun.  The big girls’ cars made it to the finals and both came in second on their leg… too exciting!  Allison declared it was the best AWANA yet!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year…

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